Featured on Martha Stewart Weddings

I was over-the-moon excited to recently find out that a bouquet I had designed in 2015 was selected as one of "The 50 Best Spring Wedding Bouquets" on Martha Stewart Weddings! I mean, Martha-freakin'-Stewart! I'm still unsure how this happened, but hey, I'm pretty happy about it. It took me back to when I first met the couple of that wedding, Katherine & Anthony. It was in 2014 and I had just begun to expand my services to include fresh flowers (I began as a planner / coordinator in the industry). Katherine really took to my ideas and designs and was such a pleasure to work with (we are still friends today)! She wholeheartedly let me design and plan their wedding to the best of my creative abilities at the time. I distinctly remember during the planning process that I kept telling myself - "give this your all", "go above and beyond", "you-do-you", "standard of excellence"...things I tell myself on a regular basis because I truly believe that what you put out there, will come back to you tenfold (positive or negative). The work and heart that went into K & A's wedding has resulted in such an outpouring of blessings for me, I cannot even begin to list them. This recent accolade, along with a few others I received for this specific wedding, validates my belief that hard work and smart work result in long-term success. Even though when I look at this bouquet now, I see various things I would maybe do differently, I can't shake the feel-good-vibes that I accomplished so much with this wedding in my first season of exploring and expanding my business.

I've attached the link to the Martha Stewart Weddings feature here, along with the entire wedding gallery as shared on Style Me Pretty + a few more images from this gorgeous wedding, all photographed by Reid from When He Found Her (he makes everything look amazing!)