We believe flowers transform any room into a spectacular celebration! Our passion for designing with flowers comes from our desire to create things in cohesion with nature. We truly believe each and every flower and foliage stem we work with expresses it’s own unique personality, and therefore, we consider it our mission to design and place each bloom with purpose that demonstrates this uniqueness.

This means that our arrangements and bouquets will always have a loose, natural way about them while offering up something dreamy and romantic.

It also means that we work our hardest to source locally grown flowers and greens before using imported goods whenever we can, without compromising the designs. We believe in doing more with our local farmers and communities, while creating gorgeous arrangements. We also consider the mechanics of a design to avoid using flower foam and single-use plastics when we can. This takes a lot more initial planning and strategy on our part, but our goal is to eventually become a foam-free studio.

Every event is unique and different, therefore, we provide each of our clients a comprehensive quote and visual proposal to ensure you have a complete understanding of your event flowers after an in-person consultation.


Part of what sets us apart from a traditional florist is that we strictly focus on wedding flowers, with a maximum booking limit per week and per season.

This is to ensure the quality and attention is given to you and your design. Furthermore, when we deliver your flowers, everything will be styled to perfection when placed or installed. The atmosphere the flowers and details create is really important to us because we want you and your guests to experience your celebration unlike any other!



May - October Weddings - $5000   |   November - April Weddings - $3500