it is not business as usual with us…

 We are so excited to begin working with you on your dream wedding! You may find our process is slightly different than others, but that's because we really strive for excellence with each of our clients by providing a personalized and dedicated approach each step along the way. We limit the number of bookings we take on each season and each week, (usually only one, or maximum two, weddings per week) to provide our clients with our complete attention. This is why our consultation and quoting process is very detailed; we want to get to know you and have you, get to know us! We consider all things pretty like your flowers and decor, but we also highly personalize your proposal to reflect the most efficient design that compliments venue’s logistics and policies, your personalities, the atmosphere you would like to share with your guests, consider priorities vs. non-essentials, etc. Our previous years spent as wedding planners highly influence how we design for each and every event!

Please note, we do not provide quotes or detailed flower proposals without following our process below:


Our initial consultation is conducted preferably via video call (Skype or FaceTime) and it will give us the opportunity to get to know you, while also giving you the chance to share with us your must-haves and your biggest dreams. We take this time to share images, jot down notes, think about logistics, and brainstorm designs. We also ask that you come prepared with an idea of a budget, so that we know how we can serve you best, and a tentative floor plan that accommodates the number of guests you anticipate will attend the reception. Table styles and placement can greatly influence the overall quote, so we want to get it as close to reality for you from the get-go and we can offer advice where needed. After your first appointment, our design team will navigate through the number of great ideas you've given us to create one, cohesive design especially for you! During Appointment #1, we will have already scheduled you into our next in-person, Appointment #2, where we will review your flower proposal together. If a video call is not available, we can conduct this meeting via phone. Approximately 30 - 45 minutes 


Meeting in-person at our Guelph studio whenever possible, we will present you with a detailed wedding proposal (visuals and quote) approximately one-two weeks from our initial consultation that was inspired by you and created by us. If we are not able to meet in person, then a secondary voice or video call will also work. At this meeting, we figure out what works and what doesn't; what you simply can't live without and what may not be as crucial. We get the design to a place where we all can leave the meeting in excitement and anticipation. In order for us to reserve your wedding date on our calendar, a 25% retainer is required after this second meeting. A digital contract and invoice, will be emailed to you the next day for approval and signing following your verbal commitment to move forward with our services. If you are still unsure about booking our services at the end of our second appointment, that's totally okay too. We ask that you please bring any person(s) that are apart of the decision-making process or financially responsible for payments, with you to this appointment (maximum of two additional persons). Approximately 60 minutes.


The final appointment will take place around four - six weeks prior to your wedding day via phone or video call. At this meeting, we invite you to bring any last minute detail changes that might have happened (adding a boutonniere, guest table count change, photography schedule adjustments, and the like) since the last time we met. We will also take this time to confirm all logistics, and contacts for the day of your wedding, as well as answer any questions you might have. We will also go over the remaining balance on your account and discuss any other details that need attention in order to make your dream wedding a reality. Approximately 30 minutes. 

We know this journey can be overwhelming and we are excited to walk along side you to make this special time an exciting one!  

We can't wait to meet you and get started.